The Genetic Blueprint Diet

Hi! I'm Dr. Puja and I have long been a student of human potential. I have spent the last 12 years in practice as a nutrition-based chiropractic physician specializing in functional nutrition, amputation and traumatic brain injury recovery and human potential neurological optimization. I believe that healing begins at the cellular level.

Our world has become truly toxic and it is up to each and every one of us to empty the bucket of our body faster than it is filled. I love creating customized programs for my health participants that are now based on an individual's own "Genetic Blueprint".

Whether you have a specific diagnosis or simply have not found answers to your complicated dis-ease, I am here to guide you in your path towards health empowerment. I facilitate health warriors in reaching their God-given potential.

Through cutting edge health strategies, herbalomics and botanical healing methods, you will develop the tools you need to be empowered to heal at the cellular level.

I will analyze your genetic raw data in my proprietary 4 hour comprehensive review process and create a custom blueprint for YOU regarding your genetic privileges, pre-dispositions and weaknesses. I will assist you with having knowledge that empowers you with data to better direct your lifestyle choices.

Many disease processes of the 21st century are preventable when we have the understanding of the power of our choices! Your resulting 1 hour GENETIC BLUEPRINT consultation with me will give you insight into your DNA historically with life-enhancing recommendations for your nutrition, your deficiency tendencies as well as your specific dietary needs for best optimizing your body machine and preventing diseases you never knew you may have been prone to. It will give you guidance into your weaknesses so you may be empowered to steer away from certain heritage tendencies. You will know your genetic predispositions towards certain injuries and fitness preferences for your own genetic coding. Welcome to your GENETIC BLUEPRINT!


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