Did you know there is relief for symptoms of PTSD?

Some things in life are ABSOLUTE. And one of them is the fact that you don't have to suffer from PTSD. There is relief from your symptoms. You deserve this! Your loved ones deserve this! This revolutionary powerful brain protocol will change your life!

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Each PTSD pack includes cutting edge nutritionals researched for brain health and support in regeneration. You will be given the essential ways to make drastic changes in the health and balance of yourself beginning on day one. Eack pack also includes a 15 minute complimentary consult with Dr. Puja virtually. One pack includes testing and a custom designed protocol for you going forward. You have the power to heal within once the brain inflammation is conquored and your brain can begin to rebuild its own neurotransmitters naturally.


PTSD Protocol Pack (DIY)

Begin calming your nervous system nutritionally ... at the core. With better sleep, more even emotions, and decreased pain, you can begin thinking about your positive life ahead. You can finally remember how you once were before your brain was hijacked with personal trauma. Each pack includes brain assessments and a 15 min consult with Dr. Puja to highlight you personally.


PTSD Protocol Pack with Testing and 1/2 hour Consult

With this choice, you have the nutrients and strategies from the DIY protocol, but begin with personal analytics of your specific history. You are then given a "next step" personalized protocol during your consult with Dr. Puja and learn the direction for continuing your brain "re-wiring."



Thanks to the fundamentals of epigenetics, this protocol and the elements used in its creation will provide you with a "jump start" on the rest of your life. YOU DESERVE THIS!

Stop The Suffering

Anxiety, Fear, Unexplained Triggers, Tired All The Time, Anger Outbursts, Depression, Inbility To Work, To Relax, To Have Fun ... Sound Familiar?

Research & Development

Who better to prescribe this type of protocol than a doctor...and still better yet, a doctor that has suffered from this debilitating disorder herself.

Dr. Puja Wentworth, PSc.D, DC

After years of her own suffering following a partial foot amputation and TBI, Dr. Puja has harnessed her education of the past 20 years to develop this powerful product for reclaiming your brain. She knows that healing starts at the cellular level and each of us has the innate wisdom for healing with resilience once the limitations and roadblocks are removed or are diminshed.



If you have questions about this or anything else that has come to mind, Dr. Puja offers a FREE 15 minute telephone consult.