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Hi! I'm Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC, PScD. and I have long been a student of human potential. I have spent the last 12 years in practice as a nutrition-based chiropractic physician specializing in functional nutrition, amputation and traumatic brain injury recovery and human potential neurological optimization.

"I believe that healing begins at the cellular level."

Our world has become truly toxic and it is up to each and every one of us to empty the bucket of our body faster than it is filled. I love creating customized programs for my health participants that are now based on an individual's own "Genetic Blueprint". Whether you have a specific diagnosis or simply have not found answers to your complicated dis-ease, I am here to guide you in your path towards health empowerment.

"I facilitate health warriors in reaching their God-given potential."

If you are someone who truly cares about your health future, or that of a loved one whom is willing to do what it takes to get well ... then let's talk. You can always reach out to me to schedule your own health consultation to discern if we are the right matches for each other. Joining my university is yet another way to recieve my coaching via the PURE Basic Program for a small monthly subscription fee or through the PURE Essential Program for those warriors that wish to partake in my essential coaching programs or one step up with the PURE Advanced Program that gives you full service coaching with me, including "The Genetic Blueprint' and more. Through cutting edge health strategies, herbalomics and botanical healing methods, you will develop the tools you need to be empowered to heal at the cellular level.


Dr. Puja's ... "School of Thought"

I have spent the last 9 years serving the Raleigh/Durham area as well as to my health participants all over the USA & worldwide including Asia --- As previous co-founder & co-owner of The Health Studio in Morrisville, NC, I regularly educate the community on the matters of Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Dysfunction, Cellular Detoxification, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Weight-loss Resistance and Hormone Dis-regulation in both men and women. You may find me at one of our three local North Carolina offices or work with me virtually online: Schedule your appointment online now, or call 919.463.0021

"Healing begins at home with the choices we make each and every day that either alter our epigenetics for the positive or the negative and helping individuals learn to steer their bodies in the direction of increased vitality."

I enjoy witnessing true cellular healing in my health participants as they regain neurological homeostasis. When I'm not empowering others to heal, you will find me cooking botanical-based dishes, working in our garden, walking our dog, doing yoga or playing with our amazing 10 year old and wonderful husband or reading and studying human potential! I look forward to meeting you soon!


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